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Our Dexters team is legendary

We are immensely proud that over 90% of our managers have been promoted from within. You can find out more about the careers of some of our exceptional people in the profiles below.

Whether you are new to Estate Agency, feeling stuck where you are now, or thinking about returning to work after a break, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you build on your success. For a confidential discussion with Brandon our recruitment director please call 0207 7490 7709 or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director of Client Research and Customer Care

Jo - Director of Client Research and Customer Care

Before starting my journey in Dexters, I was working as a nanny. It was a job I loved but the career progression and earning potential just wasn’t satisfying. I was referred to Dexters by a fellow nanny, at the time estate agency wasn’t something I had thought about getting into. The more I heard, the more I thought I wanted to get stuck in. I sent my CV out to a number of agents, a few of which turned me down due to the fact I had no previous experience.

I was however offered a position in 2006 as a Trainee Consultant at Dexters. I loved the environment and learning a new industry, but when the market changed in 2007 I thought my best option was to go back to my previous job. How wrong was I!? Six months later with the property bug still engrained in me I came back to Dexters! I worked hard to learn, grow and progress to become a Board Director in our Surbiton office. Recently a new challenge brought me over to head up our ever-growing Client Research and Customer Care Team in our Pimlico Academy. I’m loving the chance to get my teeth stuck into another project.

Having worked at different levels has made me able to see the exciting parts of each role, from dealing with clients, getting deals, and winning instructions and now being able to work with my own teams. Thanks to the training and mentoring I received with Dexters, I can now take the same approach with my team and a large part of my role is helping them to progress their own careers.

Dexters approach to customer service has helped me in work and in life; the way you deal with and treat your customers is reflected in the way they will treat you. This is a huge investment for the majority of people and being there through the process is the hardest yet most rewarding part of being in the property industry.

Finally, London is without doubt the world city to live and work in! My favourite landmark has to be Battersea Park, it’s pretty and great for my little one!

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Talvinder - Sales Support Manager

Talvinder - Sales Support Manager

I was recommended to Dexters through my fiancé who was already working for the company. I had been working for another estate agent, however I wanted to find somewhere I could put down roots and make a career. Following my initial interview with Dexters I was incredibly impressed with the company structure and internal training programmes to help progress staff further in their careers. Four years on and I haven’t looked back - the time has honestly flown by!

I work as a Sales Support Manager which requires me to oversee a number of offices helping progress the sale of a property from the point of offer right the way through to exchange and completion. Every day is different, bringing new challenges, which I thrive on working through, to help find the solution for all involved. The most exciting part is when we have exchanged and knowing the end is near; it’s an exciting time for both buyers and sellers having secured sale of the property.

At Dexters, we all work together as a well-oiled machine from the office teams to support services such as mine. What I admire most about our culture and how we stand out from other agents is the pure fact we provide an exceptional experience, showing we care and will always go above and beyond to help our customers.

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Sacha – Lettings Team Manager

Sacha - Lettings Team Manager

I was working in retail before I joined Dexters. I had heard and seen lots about the company, and then a family member bought a property through Dexters and received great service. I went onto the website and applied for a Trainee Consultant position. I was successful and have progressed quickly through the company, I am now an Assistant Lettings Manager and can’t wait to work my way up further. I wouldn’t have looked anywhere else, Dexters are the number one agent, and you are in charge of your own career and earnings.

If you enjoy meeting and talking to new people, this is the perfect place to be; you are with different customers and clients every day and have a great team around you. When you get a deal, and see your customers happy that you have helped them to find their dream home - it’s the best feeling!

The training I have had here at Dexters has given me knowledge of the market and the industry, and it has also given me confidence both in and outside of work.

For my top tip for a night out, Berners Tavern in Soho does the best mac and cheese and the décor inside is incredible

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Gareth – Sales Consultant

Gareth - Sales Consultant

I had been working in Australia for three years doing various roles, trade working and also helping to support special needs children. I returned back to London where my little brother was already part of the Dexters team and he knew I’d love it! I’m sociable, love talking to people and the training was unlike any other I had had before.

He wasn’t wrong. I have a great team around me and the buzz you get from the feedback of happy clients and learning something different every day is the best thing about working for Dexters. Everything from the office training day-to-day, to the workshops and the support from my team has helped me to succeed in the role.

We stand out from other agents because we are professional, efficient and knowledgeable. We go that extra mile and are always happy to help.

I love everything about the Surbiton area, it has great pubs, my favourite being The Grove. It has a chilled vibe, everyone is friendly and they have an amazing selection of craft beers, which I love.

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James – Head of Property Management

James - Head of Property Management

I was working as a Manager for a well-known retail store in Richmond, I had always seen Dexters boards up around the area and when a friend of mine made a career change into property I decided to do the same. I started as a Sales Consultant and was doing this for around five months when the chance of helping to expand a Lettings Team came up. I spent five years getting to know the Lettings industry. I then left for a brief period to become Heathrow Airport’s Property Manager, managing a very large portfolio. This gave me some great experience dealing with a huge variety of properties ranging from commercial buildings such as airport hangars, police stations and farms, to over 450 residential properties under the remit of the airport.

After returning to Dexters I immediately knew I’d re-joined the company that I loved. It was exciting to be part of what I know is the best Property Management department in London. I have now branched out to Clapham where I have been fortunate enough to see ourselves become the leading Property Management team in the area by some margin, managing 1000 properties.

My passion is simple, it is the industry that I work in and the people that I work with each and every day, to be working in an industry I love, with a company who are second to none in their field of expertise.

When it comes to my team, they are the backbone of the business and the reason why we are able to provide nothing less than a five-star service; quite simply they are the best at what they do. We always try to lead by example. I know that we are unrivalled in our field and love coming to work every day. I am excited for what the future holds for anyone that is fortunate enough to be part of the Dexters family.

My best landmark has to be Bushy Park, with the hustle and bustle of city life, there is no better way to unwind than taking my son to the park for some quality family time. Every day is Christmas when your six year old son shouts out to the deer 'There’s Rudolph, Daddy!'.

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Director of Property Management Support

Colin - Director of Property Management Support

I had worked in property for a number of years when Dexters acquired the agent I was working for. I was Head of Accounts, then moved to Corporate Accounts. When we set up our Property Management Support Services I went to head up a team and soon progressed through to Director, and now Director of Property Management Support Services.

The most important thing you can do is learn as much as possible about each department, it makes you knowledgeable about the whole industry and able to help your customers entirely. Be prepared for hard work and always think “how does this customer feel?”

You never know what the day is going to throw at you, that’s what makes this industry so exciting! You meet different people every day, so it makes your role very varied.

I have had the opportunity to help myself and the teams I have worked with progress, being able to complete professional qualifications such as apprenticeships, ARLA and reaching Associate RICS membership are all huge achievements.

My favourite London Landmark has to be Hungerford Bridge, you can see all the way up Southbank, across the river and have wonderful view of the city.

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