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There are many upsides to being a landlord. Letting properties in London remains a sure bet for regular income or for building up capital for future investment.

Whether you let a one bedroom flat or maintain a portfolio of properties, your responsibilities are the same - dealing with dripping taps or broken boilers, renegotiating leases and filing tax returns. Not to mention keeping abreast of an increasingly complex legislative environment.

Any rental property is a big responsibility to manage and just like any home, it needs regular servicing, updating and maintenance.  Making a success of your investment requires organisation and a system that is best approached with a preventative maintenance plan.

The good news is that we can deal with all of the above and much more on your behalf and so we would love to take care of your property for you.

We understand that a good partnership with your tenants results from both parties making an effort and not only are first impressions important but tenants then need regular contact, help and support throughout the years of living in the property.  That is why when we manage a property, we are on hand and accessible to help your tenants with their questions and offer speedy resolutions if issues arise. 

We have an extensive team based out of our offices in the capital, all of whom have come from the property sector and know their local area inside out. They will always be based no more than 15 minutes away from any property that they are managing. This ensures we can reach your property quickly in case of an emergency and your tenants know where they can find us.

 We offer a Rent Managed Service, a Fully Managed Service and a Premium Service to cater for varying levels of involvement.

Dexters manages properties ranging from individual houses to blocks of flats for over 50,000 landlords across all areas of London.  Whatever your requirements, our aim is to take the time, worry and hassle away from being a landlord.

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Benefits include:

  • A local property management team in charge of your property who are based no more than 15 minutes away
  • Local experts who have worked in the industry for years, do their own inspections and know the properties they look after intimately
  • 24/7, 365 days a year access to Dexters property managers to deal with tenancy issues ranging from damp to debt
  • Over 100 contractors across London with whom we have negotiated special rates to carry out everything from maintenance to entire refurbishments
  • Access to our inhouse team of Maintenance Engineers who are on hand to keep costs down and help stay on top of the little to medium sized jobs that need doing
  • Contractual and legislative advice on renewal negotiations and changing requirements in the law
  • A database of hundreds of vetted, reliable and experienced contractors covering every London borough

Whether you are looking for a light touch approach or you want us to assume responsibility for all of the mechanics that come with letting out a property, we have a service to take care of it.

With Dexters you can rest assured that we will simply get the job done.

Contact your local office here for more information.

We pride ourselves on giving a five star service and so all feedback is appreciated.