Dexters Financial Services

Securing a mortgage is a serious business. It’s a crowded, often confusing market in which you can’t always be sure that you’re being presented with a fair, impartial deal.

We’ve been offering mortgages and life insurance to our customers for almost 20 years. Our advisors have worked for an average of 15 years in financial services and property. Around 60% of our business comes from personal recommendations. Our customers come back time and time again to purchase their next property or to re-mortgage.

Perhaps this is because of our honest advice which clients trust us for. Impartiality is central to our values - we are not linked to any particular lenders or to commission-led offers. You can be sure that the mortgage we recommend for you will be the best one that the market has to offer, regardless of which institution it’s from.

We know that purchasing a property can be time-consuming and demanding. Whether you need a weekend appointment at the branch nearest to where you live or prefer to head to our City-based advisors during your lunch break at work, we can accommodate you.

Our aim is to deliver the best financial plan for you and your circumstances. Our reputation depends on it.

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