Dexters Winter 2020

Dexters Winter 2020

In this issue you'll find...

  • Our exclusive interview with Louisa Drake on fitness fusion
  • The latest trends in fireplace design
  • London's love of proper tea
  • The capital's boutique eyewear designers
  • A selection of the finest properties available in the capital
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Articles from this edition

Core Messages

Strong and lean, Louisa Drake is the very best advertisement for her business. She is a former dancer who developed the Louisa Drake method (LDM) workout which draws on the most effective elements... View Article

Dexters Dozen - London's love of proper tea

From traditional favourites to exotic infusions, we share our perfect pit stops to warm up. View Article

Capital Delights - Eyewear Boutiques

Modern spectacle-maker Tom Broughton on his life-long passion for glasses, his most unusual commissions and why he named the business Cubitts. View Article

Talk of the town

The finest London townhouses were originally designed for the landed gentry in Georgian times and no expense was spared. Today, the purchase of such a property continues to make a statement. View Article