Proceeding with a sale

Proceeding with a sale

Managing offers and the sale

Negotiating a sale is a skill and as your representative we manage the process for you. This is where we come into our own - it’s what we do every day. We have any number of strategies where we try to create an auction amongst buyers, if interest is particularly strong then we might use a sealed or best bid tender.

We’re here to reassure you, provide you with expert advice and to arm you with all the information you need to make a decision, be that accepting an offer or agreeing to take the property off the market.

We are in a unique position when it comes to agreeing and setting up a sale and seeing it through to a successful conclusion. We are able to speak to both you and the buyer and your respective solicitors, finance providers, surveyors and advisors. Nobody else can do this and it allows us to look after your best interests and coordinate the sale to the agreed timescale.

We are alert to any warning signs - sometimes buyers don't do as they promise and so we routinely have a back up plan so that if necessary we can move forward at pace with a replacement buyer. Not only that, but we will keep you updated right up until completion about what prices are doing locally so that you can make informed decisions.